Who Am I?

I am a professional olympian swimmer (Canadian Certified coach) with experience working with all ages and skill levels. I am also an Ontario Certified Teacher, and I am passionate about helping my swimmers achieve their goals. I look forward to helping YOU achieve your swimming goals, whether it's equipping your kids with this lifesaving skill, or overcoming your fear of the water, I am here to help!
What do I offer? I come to YOUR pool and provide one-on-one swimming lessons, customized to meet your specific needs and goals.


Professional swimmer career:

• 2004 Olympic finalist 6th place
• 2 time Bronze medalist of the World Cup 2005 in Moscow
• XI FINA World Championships 2005 Montreal finalist
• European Gold medal Champion 2004 in Madrid
• Silver medal in the 50 m backstroke at the 2001 European
Junior Swimming Championships in Valletta, Malta
• Multiple champion and record holder of Ukraine.
• Master of sports of international class.

Personal Best Results on:


Private Swimming Lessons with Olympian coach.
All Ages & Skill Levels



For Professional swimmers

From children to adults

For those who want to learn how to swim

For those who want to improve their swimming skills

For those who want to improve their health

Personal training plan for free

How does it work?

Contact me and let me know your preferred scheduling, where your pool is located, and what you want to achieve?

For example: 

- Learn to swim -

- Any kind of swimming related goals -

- Lessons for your children -

- Improve stroke and breathing technique -

- Overcome a fear of the water -

- Work towards a specific event or swimming related certification -

Lets schedule the first lesson and start working towards your goals! 

What is the cost?

Rates vary depending on your pool's location and the length of lessons. Driving time will be calculated after applying.


  • 2 swimmers: 80$ / each - 60 min
  • 3 swimmers: 70$ / each - 60 min
  • 4 or more $60 / each - 60 min
  • In your swimming pool
  • In my swimming pool
Package discounts available
Call or text me:


  • 1 on 1 training session.
  • This private session consists of developing professional performance skills on and off pool. In-pool package skills include: Proper breathing, working on technique, learning all types of swimming, balance in the water, introducing professional skills and increasing endurance. Flexibility and Strength training is included in each session.
  • In your swimming pool
  • In my swimming pool
  • 1 session 90-150$ - 60 min Depends on your goals and coach driving time and range
Package discounts available
Call or text me:

If you are interested

Call or text me: 647-537-8159


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Ukrainian Olympic swimmer starts new life as coach in Guelph

When former Olympic swimmer Pavlo Illichov and his family fled the conflict in their native Ukraine, they were unsure what the future would hold. The 38-year-old's hometown of Odesa has consistently been targeted by Russian troops since the invasion began in February. "We tried to continue our normal life, but the sirens were everywhere," Illichov told GuelphToday...

By Mark Pare. Guelphtoday.com


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